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VR Developer Singapore

Our team of VR developers and educators specializes in crafting lifelike applications that elevate the learning and entertainment experience with a new dimension. We are industry leaders in the creation of Virtual Reality applications focused on Workplace Safety, catering to Multinationals and Enterprises of varying sizes.

Additionally, we offer regionalization services for countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, and many other international languages.

Our Programmers Are:

  • Certified in Adult and Continuing Education with a specialization in e-Learning
  • ACTA certification attained
  • Certified Workplace Safety Officers in Singapore
  • Extensive expertise in deploying e-learning solutions
  • Proven success in implementing mobile applications for blended learning in workplace and technology-enabled environments
  • Experience in modifying curricula for e-learning and technology-enabled competency-based learning deployments
  • Team of industry domain experts with up-to-date knowledge and skills

Active involvement in the Singapore WSQ/LSP/MOM training industry, staying current with local and regional industry requirements



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Project Consultancy From Prototyping To Delivery​

Are you searching for top-notch virtual reality training tools for your job site? Well, you are in the right place! I would like to introduce you to AAT Training Hub a VR Developer in Singapore. 

Our services are numerous! Services include Virtual Reality Solutions, VR/AR Development services in Singapore, Emergency Response VR,

Work at Height Construction Safety Virtual Reality, Dangerous Goods Practice Virtual Reality, MHE Driver VR, Electrical Safety VR, Lifting Operations VR, 360 Virtual Tour Development Singapore, VR Rental for Corporate / Private Events and many more.

Virtual reality is truly one of the best ways to have realistic training for your workforce.

Digital Reality

Digital reality has come a very long way during the last couple of years, but for the large part, its triumphs still revolve around the feeling of sight. It utilizes wearable headsets which, when worn, display a virtual environment that gives you the perception that you are actually there within the virtual space. Projection-based augmented reality includes projecting an image onto a tangible 3D model, as a way to make it even more realistic.

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